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Jazz Apples … Where’ve You Been All My Life?

I’ve had a busy week–you know the kind: details and demands, along with all the things you’d rather be doing. And to top it off, it’s getting darker in Alaska now! By 10:45 p.m. it’s darn dark. So, I’m antsy to be outside as much as possible. Winter will arrive much too soon. Then, there’s been the rain. Wet. Drippy. Gray. Overcast. For a few days. Feeling a little blue and unproductive, one afternoon I decided to take a break. I headed to the kitchen for a snack–one of the blessings and pitfalls of a home office. The sun was poking out, and my Adirondack chairs on the deck looked fairly dry.

I’ve given up eating refined sugar and white flour, again. It’s been three weeks now. Walking into my pantry, I eyed the bowl of fruit, a beacon to my good health. A few varieties of apples stack in a green glass bowl I’d found at a street market, somewhere in Belgium. Taking the top apple, I washed it, used my handy apple slicer to cut it perfectly, and headed to my deck with a view.

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Spruce trees span the horizon, stretching to glaciers and the Kenai Mountain range. It really is a spectacular view. Settling into my chair, a deep breath, and crunch. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Holy Smokes! What am I tasting? This apple  is amazing.

With each bite, my smile grew. My afternoon break was serving its purpose well! Reveling in the simplicity of  here and now,  body, mind, and spirit renewing, I delighted in birds, fireweed flowers, and the magnificent view. About half an hour later, I headed  inside, and went straight to the trashcan–I needed to find the apple sticker. I discovered the variety and laughed out loud: Jazz!

Feeling a little jazzed myself, I went back into my office to wordsmith and problem solve. At my computer I paused, the jazzy flavor lingering in my mouth, and quickly Googled “Jazz + apple.” (I know, I am on-line too much.) Surprised, I discovered this relatively unknown apple has its own Web site! My unexpected fruity delight is described as…

One of the most exciting new apple varieties to hit international markets, Jazz™ has a tangy sweetness and a crunch that is winning fans worldwide. Conceived in New Zealand from a marriage of sweet Royal Gala and firm, tart Braeburn, Jazz™ will rock your preconceived notions of how an apple ought to taste.

Rocking my preconceived notions, yes, indeed! We all need this sometimes! My tweet a few minutes later: “Jazz” apples–where have you been all my life?

Ahhh, the simple things in life. What delights you?



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