December Solstice Blessing

A December Solstice Blessing … (for Southern and Northern Hemispheres)

On that December day when the sun is directly overhead, and light reigns generative power for hours and hours, may you know the blessing of sunlight to spark your heart of compassion with joy and delight, truth and vigor.

On that December day when darkness is most prevalent, may you rest in the power of fire, stars and moonlight to illumine your heart of courage with tender kindness, gentle friendship, and starlit dreams.

May you surround yourself with family and friends on this particular day.

May you create and celebrate customs and rituals to honor the geography of your time and place.

May our planet bless you with its beauty and mysterious generativity as seasons revolve.

May you listen to the thousand simple ways that the life you live embraces you with love and vitality, offering you an invitation to awaken to this present day and night, this new season unfolding.

And on this December solstice, may your heart of grateful care and compassion grow and grow, relentlessly.


2 thoughts on “December Solstice Blessing

  1. Wonderful–I hope you delighted in your meal with your husband this year. I’m Christian too, and find that in Alaska I’m more keenly aware of seasonal rhythms, and increasingly grateful for the present moment. Everything changes so swiftly. In fact, it almost seems odd to welcome winter today, and at the same time know that we begin gaining 5-6 minutes of light every day now! I discovered that twinkle lights and my wood stove help the short days, and when the moon, snow and stars are out it is magnificent. Can you see starlight where you live? It’s dark enough here–no city lights! Thank you & blessings.

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