Savor Lent Savor Life 2013

Desire For God | Savor Life, Day 6

“How beautiful you are, how pleasing,
my love, my delight!
… And your mouth like an excellent wine—
that flows smoothly for my lover,
spreading over the lips and the teeth.” — Song of Songs 7:7; 10

With each breath, we seek life. Our body pulses a rhythm that is known to our ancestors and all who will come after us. Throughout time and history, humanity seeks connection with the one who is as intimate as our own heartbeat, and who is also wholly other—the sacred, the transcendent, the one who we name God. What awakens this desire? Is it an innate sense of belonging and birthright? Does something unknown to us exist in our DNA, in the strands of our conception that we long to know, name, and encounter? I believe so. This is true within me, and I believe it may be true for you too. We desire God, and astonishingly, God desires us.

It is good to understand who God might really be—beyond our opinion, perception, and what we’ve been taught, which may be true, convoluted, or naive. A starting place is love. First and foremost, God loves us at least as much as the person or animal that loves us most fiercely and completely.

  • Take a moment and allow your mind’s eye to travel through the faces and memories of people you love, and who love you. Who comes to mind? Pause for a few minutes and breathe with the memory and essence of the person you’ve called to mind.
  • Will you allow yourself to believe that the Divine Essence of God loves you at least as much as this person you recall? What does this thought evoke in you? Pause for a minute, and ponder this reality.
  • Take a deep breath, and in silence, offer thanksgiving in the words of your choice for the person you recalled, and for God, who is love.

New wineSavor
Ponder throughout the day, or in your nighttime dreams:
Is there room for God in my life? Am I willing to be pursued, and pursue a God who is both wild and tender? Will I give myself permission to be embraced by Love?

Today I will savor in my heart … God loves me at least as much as the person or animal that I love most fiercely and completely.


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