Savor Lent Savor Life 2013

Savor | Day 11

“Learn to savor how good the Lord is; happy are those who take refuge in him.” – Psalm 34:9

Time to pause … and savor the past seven days. Be still for several minutes,  notice your breathing pattern and sensations in your body.

Slowly allow your thoughts to travel the memories from this past week timeline …

What do you notice?

Is there a feeling, sensation, or thought from your week  that is prominent? Observe what is.


  • Spice and juice showed up when…
  • A situation or person contributing to indigestion or challenge is…
  • A spark of new awareness is…
  • I most experienced appreciation…
  • I am savoring…

Week 1 savor letterIdea: write yourself a letter about this first week.
There is no need to edit or critique your writing. Only you will read this letter. Pour your thoughts and heart onto the page. Sign it with your full name.

When you finish, read your letter out loud to yourself, then fold it, seal it in an envelope, address it to yourself, adding week one, and the date. (You’ll open it at the end of the retreat.) Keep your letter in a safe place.

What thought will you choose savor in your heart today? Your choice.

Today I will savor in my heart …


I am here, God,
Come, take me
Bless me with your majestic grace
Break me of my ego and deadly capacity to sin
Give me as a gift to your broken and brilliant world
Show me how to willingly receive
Accompany me when I respond
And guide
me to savor life.


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