Savor Lent Savor Life 2013

Fear | Savor Life, Day 14

What if…

  • What if I really believe in original blessing, in contrast to original sin?Frosty Day 14
  • What if, in the end, I ask, When did I refuse God’s love? in contrast to Where did I sin, do wrong, and cause harm?
  • What if I understood the universe might be radical grace?
  • What if living “God’s will” is an act of  co-creativity where I’m invited: What would you love to do; how would you like to contribute? in contrast to figuring out a task or work that I better get right, or suffer the consequences?
  • What if Christ really meant it when he said, over and over, more times than anything else recorded in scripture, Be not afraid. Fear not. Peace be with you.

Is there a core foundation in me, that it is time to thaw, so I am free of fear, and more readily available to savor life?

Today I will savor in my heart ... If life is blessing, it’s time to let go of …

“Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.” – John 14:27b


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