Savor Lent Savor Life 2013

Focus | Savor Life, Day 23


When we live through times of letting go, feeling fractures in body and heart, we expend energy to heal and be made anew. As an athlete requires focus and fuel for his or her body, when we are challenged, feeling vulnerable, or in times of transition, a certain type of energy is necessary. We must simplify and focus. What might usually be insignificant is magnified. In times of purification, when we seek to be extraordinarily clear with intention and action, we must be friendly to ourselves, and love our best self fiercely.

I share my home with books, a lot of them, all sorts of topics. On a table, on a day when I was feeling stressed and vulnerable, this “accident” caught my eye: a magnifying glass randomly placed on the side table illuminated the word “here” on a book cover. Perfectly. The magic of the present moment illuminated the invitation to focus. God, or the invisible angels and guides around me, or happenstance, offered a message of support and guidance: you are here. Not there, or in time to come, or the past. Here. I paused, smiling, the reminder registered.


  • Where do you desire focus?
  • When you experience stress or fragmentation, what options could you take to shift? (what activities restore you?)
  • What do you savor in the present time of  here? (There is something; focus, find it, name it.)
  • Can you recall a personal experience when you were surprised by the unexpected?

Pause today and give a silent offer of thanksgiving for _____?______

Today I will savor in my heart ... My life is here, and now.


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