Savor Lent Savor Life 2013

Perspective | Savor Life, Day 24

Day 24 Perspective Alaska

What court do you play on? What is your primary perspective for life and your compass point, at any given time?

I invite you to ponder the perspective you bring to most relationships and situations. I think I first heard, “How you do anything is how you do everything” from Richard Rohr; I’m not sure anymore since it is a mantra like a gentle wave that has accompanied me for many years, and pops up when I need the reminder.

About perspective: what is your primary orientation to daily, ordinary, happenings? What is your first thought in the morning, or as you fall asleep? If it is true, and I think it is, that how I do anything is how I do everything, then I charge that it is a valuable inquiry to assess this question. Please take a few minutes to ponder if this may be true for you. Next, how might this scripture influence or ground your perspective?

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength” and “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”  Mark 12:30b-31

The week three posts center around a concept of  “break” … shift, change. The week held a bit of chaos for me and several people I’ve talked with, as well. This is good, even though it doesn’t feel that way. Maybe it is March Madness in action, in our heart, body, and soul. The perspective I bring while living in and through counts. Love and interrelatedness matters.

This afternoon I was reminded of a movie that was important to my expanding perspective. Have you seen What The Bleep Do We Know? featuring Marlee Matlin, a photographer who begins to question her perceptions? In 2004 I watched it in a theater in Fort Collins, Colorado, and went back, twice. The perspectives delighted, challenged, and were thought-provoking, blending mysticism and science with humor. I mentally stretched, and gave myself permission to explore what I had intuited, yet never given conscious words too, or heard explained in such a manner.

I invite you to join me and stretch. Ponder your ability to savor life, and to love yourself, your neighbor, and perhaps a creative Spirit I name God with all your heart. Watch this short clip from the movie, think about perspective, and how you do anything is likely how you do everything.

Today I will savor in my heart ... how I do anything may be how I do everything.


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