Savor Lent Savor Life 2013

Friendship | Savor Life, Day 38

Day 38 Capistrano Beach CA

Today I will savor in my heart … friendship

Friendship is a gift that cultivates life, sometimes daily. I was once told we are considered lucky if we have two or three great friends in our life.  Sometimes a friend comes into our life for a certain length or season of time, and then we drift apart or realize that life circumstances change and shift the relationship. Friendship can be complicated too, with hurt feelings and betrayals. Nonetheless, a great friendship is a relationship to cherish. At times we return to our longtime friends who remind us who we are, who tell us our story when we seem lost, and who inspire us to dream, dare, and do. We do this for others too!

Who do you count as a friend? What qualities do you seek in authentic friendship? I think it is our core values that sustain relationships over time, not necessarily shared interests. Perhaps that is why some women and men who are most dear to me are people who value life in similiar ways. And, friendships with people who bring us beyond our current perspective are immensely valuable! What do you believe?

Pause today to think of the people who accompany you in your life journey. Then, make time to call one person, or write a note of hello. If you are feeling bold, reach out to reconcile with someone. After you reconnect with the person that comes to mind, offer a silent blessing of thanksgiving in the quiet of your heart and mind.

Before Jesus died, as the conflict stirred stronger, he went back to the place where his public ministry began. There he was sustained and encouraged by friends who reminded him who he was, sharing their support and love.

“He went back across the Jordan
to the place where John first baptized, and there he remained.
Many came to him and said,
“John performed no sign,
but everything John said about this man was true.”
And many there began to believe in him.” – John 10:40-42

Photo: Capistrano Beach, California


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