Inked. Mulligan | God Any Time, Any Place

God Any Time Any Place by Pegge Erkeneff

No juice to write Inked tonight after two full days of work and meetings. Dinner consisted of popcorn cooked in coconut oil (that’s healthy, right?), red wine, and a simple salad of greens and avocado. Then I remembered, there’s this book that really inspired me when former John XXIII students on a retreat planning team so blessed me with their responses to my question:

“What are the little things you do to connect to God, or Spirit, that you never tell anyone about…?”

Over the next week reading their emails … an idea grew … a publisher, Ave Maria Press, liked it … I expanded the question to college students from all over the United States … and this, my first book, book came to life and was inked.

Eight overarching ways people connect to spirit emerged. I have my favorites in here, but I’m more curious now … what are the little things you do?!?!

God Any Time, Any Place, The Many Ways College Students Pray by Pegge Bernecker, Ave Maria Press


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