Day 14. Inked | Leap into learning

Energy work and healing

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

I appreciate the writers and thinkers who generate inquiry into their authenticity and passion. I began to learn about the human energetic field nearly twenty years ago. The inquiry arose from necessity—which is another story—and it was hard to find grounded teachers that I could trust. I was grateful for books, written by people in the field who were seekers and practitioners willing to assist in an emerging field in order to explore possibility, define common vocabulary, form, and practice.

My exploratory journey began with reading and learning at age 13—didn’t everyone experience the world with embodied sensitivity and wonder? In my 30s, I wanted to learn how to work with the energy I experienced pulsing in my own body when I accompanied someone in spiritual guidance, led a retreat, or was present in small and large groups of people. I began to experience and delve into essential oils, Chinese medicine, learned traditional Reiki, Qigong, and in recent years, Healing Touch. In a few weeks I will take a Healing Touch Level 4 intensive training. Adding to this overall tool bag is alternative health care, healthy living, contemplative meditation or mindfulness practice, and the interwoven holistic nature of body, mind and spirit.

There isn’t any one author on today’s top 40, but instead an idea—that we can learn about topics that intrigue us, and invite us to shift from our comfort zone and social norms. Many of these books on my shelf initially did this for me. Each is valuable to my seeking and ongoing learning, and I’m grateful for the authors and contributors.

What topic intrigues you, inviting your inquiry and learning, or even writing or teaching?


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