Spirituality and Prayer

When all else fails…

This is hilarious, in an odd sense.


I arrived to my #zenhouseinthewoods after a long work day [story:another time]. Singing along to Lifehouse on the 12+ mile AK907 drive home, anticipation is to enliven my blog [it’s been a long while] about what a special young lady is evoking in me.

Home arrival, take care of a white Labrador & Chesapeake Bay Retriever, open a Tempranillo bottle of wine from Washington, nestle into my oak rocker, wide open windows, horizon viewpoint, cranking the Bose, a young woman facing her future in my heart, on my mind. And creative prayer and writing  #ripples in me. First, find pics on phone from few months back when I wandered a deserted low tide Alaska beach tracing words in sand & taking pics on my iPhone. For hours, totally present. One in particular was forming my thoughts…

Time to write.

Texts ding. Attempt to login to WordPress. My website has disappeared. Go to laptop #2. #fail. Needs a charge. Back to #1. Yep, appears gorgeous homepage is gone. Problem solve, switch to iPhone [How. Hard. Can. This. Be]

new message: low battery. Lifehouse playing in the airwaves, 🎶move on, move on…🎶

what I know is this:

sometimes life sucks.

what we have is this.

Life matters, and we’ve got hidden support. No matter what.

You’ve got future. Fight for it baby. I’m here beside you. One more day.

Standing solid. Holding ground. Rippling with love.

Prayer tickles to you. ❤️

You gift me. 💖

You. Stand. Strong #alltheway


ps: and when the standing is too hard, sink down with gravity, even here, we’re embraced.



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